Senior UI UX product designer

Hi there šŸ‘‹ My name is Theodoros and I am a User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) product designer from sunny Athens, Greece. My journey in design started sometime in 2011, primarily UI, and made the jump to User Experience roughly 6 years ago. As a highly experienced Senior product Designer with 12 years of professional experience, I bring a unique combination of skills to the table. I excel in leading end-to-end design projects and am an advocate for evidence-based design through a mix of UX research methods. I use these methods to uncover user needs and align them with business goals, creating hypotheses that are tested by real users to inform the product vision. With a background in programming both Front-end and Back-end, I have a strong understanding of technical limitations and am able to work effectively with development teams. By working on various products and thoroughly studying customer journeys, I gained an understanding of the connections between business, design, and development. I have strong working relationship with teams, providing the necessary skills and deliver high-quality results. My approach will give you confidence in our ability to work effectively together and I am confident in my ability to bring value to any project.

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Visually aesthetic Interface & UX

A well-designed product can improve the user experience by making it visually appealing and enjoyable to use

Prototypes & Micro Interactions

Improve communication with developers or clients about how users should interact with the application in real scenarios.

Design System - Tokens sync in Github

A major trend. I lead your team with a clearly ordered design system and a framework for growth. #Figma-tokens #Design-to-Code, #Style-Dictionary

Front-end & Usability testing

Strong FE knowledge: HTML5, SCSS, Responsive. Continuously improving UX with UsabilityHub, Maze, Hotjar, and Google Analytics.


Feel free to reach out to me.


I am open to new opportunities
Name. Theodoros Labropoulos